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Ethan McKenzie – Why Social Networks Are the Keys to Good Networking

Why Social Networks Are the Keys to Good Networking

by Ethan McKenzie

Social networking is a great way to directly communicate with your readers. Do consider that automatically generated email messages and newsletters that were meant for everybody and their brothers will not have the same effect as personalized messages do. Automatic newsletters are often discarded, unread, people do not even have the patience to open them. You need a more personal, more effective way.

It takes little time and effort to reach people through social network sites. Such websites are very popular these days. Half of American adults (47 per cent of them) use some social network sites, and this number will rapidly grow in the future. Social media is not restricted to young people any longer. The older generation has already recognized the potentials of social networking, and many people over 50 years do use these sites.

Register on some of the social media sites, so that to reach a wide audience. All you need to do is to sign up for free on the most renowned sites. Through these sites, you can target those persons who are already interested specifically in the kind of product or service you offer. You may seek for clubs, groups, and fans of your niche. If you write horror stories, make sure that you register on a social network site and join some groups of horror book fans. Probably some groups for horror movie fans will also do, but your first target is, of course, the typical horror novel fan. Be specific. Once you have joined these groups, you comment on posts written by others, you share your thoughts on your own profile, and soon you are going to have numerous online friends who love the kind of books you write.

You post some quotes from your works, some of your thoughts, and your new friends and readers will follow you. You may post comments about your future plans, your forthcoming books, your plots, new ideas, and book releases, so that to keep your future readers intrigued. If your friends share your posts on their profile or comment on them, the friends of your friends can also see them. Probably some of them become interested in your stories. They do not even have to open them with a click of the mouse like they do with emails. They can see it right on their profiles or walls or timelines as soon as you post them.

Readers are more likely to buy your books if they know you from social networking sites. They will consider you more authentic, more real. Make sure that you respond to their comments or messages, it takes very little effort and it does not cost money for you. It is just an excellent way to advertise your stories.

There is another important, useful side of social network media. On these sites, you may find people who are willing to give you some critique or advice. You can learn a lot from them.

Keep these tips in mind when you join a social media site. It has wonderful potentials for you, especially in case you self-publish your e-books. Social networking is an inexpensive and powerful tool to make your books popular.


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