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Shadows to Light excerpt – Regan Black @ReganBlack

Guest Post 12 Shadows to Light excerpt

Thanks for hosting this stop on the Justice Incarnate blog tour organized by the fabulous Orangeberry Book Tours. I’m excited to share an excerpt from Shadows to Light, book five in my Shadows of Justice series of paranormal romantic suspense novels.

In the following excerpt, Mira is about to get intimately reacquainted with a man she’s met just once before…

Jameson watched the woman disappear into the building. “I’ve got a possible situation,” he whispered.

“Explain,” came the reply from HQ.

“Female nosing around. Appears to be alone.” A status he knew would only raise more questions.

“Verify and report.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do not engage,” Callahan added.

But Jameson was already too close to the potential threat to risk a verbal acknowledgment. He clicked his mic in the affirmative. A stealth suit was one hell of an advantage in the daylight the way it refracted light and sheltered the wearer. At night, in a deserted area, he might as well be truly invisible.

It was a heady freedom as he reached the door where Mira – the woman – had entered the building.

He knew what Callahan must be thinking. Anyone in this deserted area of campus had to be connected to the situation they were monitoring. As long as he didn’t find Mira inside that building he’d agree. Telling himself it couldn’t be her, that his mind was playing tricks on him, he turned the knob.

It couldn’t be so easy. This kind of easy made him wary. He took his time, listening for signs of the woman, adjusting his night vision until the room glowed an eerie green. Nothing. Not a whisper, not a shout, not a single movement.

He edged toward a counter, certain she was hiding behind it. Unless she’d seen him coming – highly unlikely – there hadn’t been enough time for her to do anything else. The soft whoosh of movement wasn’t enough warning and though he turned, tried to deflect, the impact of a body running for the door took them both straight to the floor.

Even bathed in the eerie green light and with absolute panic etched on her face, he recognized Mira. Disappointment and answers had to wait until he had her contained and calm. In her rush to get off him and escape, she was damned close to trampling on some sensitive places.

“Stop.” He flipped them over, blanketing her with the weight of his body.

She squeaked. Not a scream, a squeak, followed by squirming that only compounded his natural reaction to having her soft body under his. “Mira, stop. I won’t hurt you.”

“What? How? What the hell is going on?”

He understood her desperation and confusion, was feeling more than a bit of the same himself. “Hold still?”


He froze. He hadn’t removed the stealth disc. Did she have some sort of detection or sensor he didn’t know about? Her hands found his shoulders, her fingers were skimming over the stealth suit. “Stop,” he hissed. He wanted to kiss her, to forget where they were and why, and just sink into the miracle of holding her again.

Remembering the other biofeedback technologies attached to him, he eased off her, just enough to see if she’d try to run. She stayed put, well everything but her hands did. He figured all these little fires where she touched him was like being in the center of a sparkler. The comm tech was probably having a field day with his vital sign readings.

He caught her hands and trapped them at her midriff. “Do. Not. Move.”

The order was as much for him as her. If either of them shifted the slightest inch, his body would reject all his training in favor of the promises her body was making.

There have been many days when I wished for a healer like Mira (for myself or friends) and I hope her compassion comes through as much as her inherent strength during her adventure with Jameson as they strive to save her father and the future of her order.

Mira has made a cameo appearance in each of the previous Shadows of Justice books:  Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, Veil of Justice, and Tracking Shadows and bringing her story to life was one of the best experiences of my career.

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