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Whitley & Austin, Where Truth and Fiction Meet by Parker Paige @parkerpaige86

Against her better judgment, Charlie kept her lunch date with Camina and Laura. It was just a short walk from where they worked, but seemed endless as Charlie listened to Camina boast about her boss and lover, Bruce Colby. As far as Camina was concerned, she and Bruce were a match made in heaven and naively believed that Bruce would one day leave his wife of fifteen years to be with her.

It was one o'clock when they reached Giordano's restaurant on Randolph Street. Even after having pre-ordered their food, they still ended up having to wait 30 minutes before their pizza was served. Seated at a table near the window, Charlie sipped on an iced tea while Camina and Laura enjoyed daiquiris. Though Charlie treated herself to many bottles of wine at home, somehow, it felt strange for her to have cocktails in the company of others. It was as if she accustomed herself to drinking alone. Not having much of an appetite, Charlie barely touched the pizza in front of her except for a few nibbles at the sauce and crust. Meanwhile, Camina and Laura chowed down as if the daiquiris elevated their hunger.

Laura reached for the napkin from her lap, gently wiped her mouth, and sipped her water. "Edward and I are going up to Wisconsin this weekend, and I've been working so much overtime, I haven't had a chance to pack a thing."

"I don't think I could steal Bruce away from his family for an entire weekend, but we make up for it," Camina said.

It was as if Charlie was a piece of furniture as she sat there, observing, not saying a word. She was without anything to contribute to their conversation, having no big plans to speak of and no boyfriend to boast about or complain about. Had she made a mistake in coming out with the two of them? Charlie hesitated to say anything negative about Camina's relationship with her boss because it was sure to arouse uncomfortable emotions in Camina, but after thinking about it, Charlie refused to sit quietly any longer. "You better be careful with him," Charlie said. "I heard he has a heart condition."

Camina didn't even look at Charlie. Instead she chuckled and glanced over at Laura. "Who do you think gave it to him?" Camina asked with a giggle.

Laura and Camina both shared a laugh as if everyone got the joke, but Charlie.

"Really?" Charlie asked.

Laura glanced at Charlie. "She's just kidding."

"I gave him a lot of things, but I didn't give him that," Camina said.


THREE beautiful redheads – THREE Motives – ONE Murder

Tapping into the common wish to be someone else, if only for a short time, this suspense drama explores what happens when a woman, bored with her humdrum existence dyes her hair red and takes on the persona of her late sister.

After the murder of her beloved sister, a quiet and warmhearted legal secretary, Charlie Weiss, who works for the prestigious Whitley & Austin, is in search of an escape. A few sessions with her psychologist propel her to the realization that the excitement that she seeks is in a new life, the life of her late sister.

With a daring wish to continue the wild life of her late sister, she colors her hair red and dares to reinvent herself. And with this new persona comes a different type of experience, including becoming one of three redhead suspects to a murder.

“This whodunit suspense drama will keep you guessing until the last page.”–Elance book editor

Parker Paige has been writing fiction for several years with a passion for creating eccentric characters. She is fascinated with true stories and for that reason, she is drawn to the network Investigation Discovery like a drug. She is the author of “The Color Pink” and “Whitley and Austin.” She is not completely insane, maybe just a little bit crazy. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Genre - Romantic Suspense

Rating – PG-13

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