Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#AmReading - Papoosed by Patricia Rockwell @par2323

Papoosed by Patricia Rockwell


The Happy Haven Assisted Living Facility is a home for senior citizens--not newborn babies. So, when one of the kitchen workers asks ninety-year-old resident Essie Cobb to secretly care for his missing co-worker's infant, she is flabbergasted but determined. Along with her intrepid friends--Marjorie, Opal, and Fay--amateur sleuth Essie sets out to hide and protect the baby--and find his missing mother. Unfortunately, Essie is expecting to deal with exterminators, suspicious neighbors, virus outbreaks, and the snowstorm of the century. Luckily, Essie is one smart cookie, and if anyone can manage to reunite a mother and child right before Christmas--it's Essie.

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