Friday, December 6, 2013

Author Interview - Dermot Davis @dermotdavis1

Tell us about your book? What’s it about and why did you write it?

Zen and Sex is about many things but on one level it is an atypical romantic comedy that explores what it takes to have a successful relationship in this modern age. I wrote it in part because of some non-fiction reading I was doing at the time that referenced some research that highlighted the difference inherent in the sexes with which each of us approach male-female relationships. There were some definite biological and psychological gender differences spoken about which in some ways form a foundation upon which the two sexes attempt to build a mutually successful understanding of one another.

What are some of those differences?

We have different biological urges that effectively we have no say about. We’ve inherited them from hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the result of which, whether we like it or not, from an evolutionary perspective, the sexes are wired differently. Nature is primarily concerned with the successful survival of the species and doesn’t much care about your career or whether this is a good time for you to get pregnant. Men are wired to make babies and women are wired to give birth to them. Not a lot we can do about that. Put the sexes together and have them agree can result in a disaster if we don’t even know what those inherent differences are.

And this is a comedy?

Yes. Put a man and a woman into a confined space and hilarity ensues (laughs).

What is the story?

Zen and Sex is a first person account of a young man’s search for love. Unfortunately, the poor guy is so confused about women, romance and relationships that he doesn’t really know what he’s looking for and as a consequence he has been looking for the wrong women in all the wrong places. At heart, he’s a romantic and he dearly wants to deeply connect with the love of his life. He just doesn’t know it. Until he meets Frances.

Would you consider it then as a coming of age story or a romance?

It’s definitely both. Martin is twenty-four so he’s a bit old for the traditional coming-of-age story. Having said that, he’s emotionally very young and you could say that as a result of being in relationship with the more emotionally mature Frances, that he’s force to grow up very fast indeed.


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