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Inside The Mind of Regan Black – Regan Black

Inside The Mind of Regan Black

It’s a pleasure to be here courtesy of Orangeberry Book Tours. If you’re still here after reading that rather daunting headline, clearly you’re a person of rare courage and I thank you for sticking around. J

As a paranormal romantic suspense author, my mind can often be a dark and bizarre place. Some days there are rainbows and unicorns – well, elves anyway – but usually I have a great deal more fun writing dark and edgy tales.

It so happens I was born with an imagination far more vivid than necessary, which is great for my career, but it means a few challenges in real life. I’ve avoided horror films because my dreams after viewing anything in that genre are always ten times worse than the real presentation. When weird things happen in the real world, my imagination fills in blanks that probably aren’t really there.

Like the day my son and I spotted a shirtless man with a military haircut in our neighborhood walking in circles around a tree while carrying a big kitchen knife. Was he planning a little target practice? Could it be he was talking himself in to or out of a murderous rage? I didn’t think it was smart to stop and ask. Civic responsibility had me calling the police to check on him and even now, I’m  not sure if I would have felt better or worse if he’d been carrying a military-issue knife.

Another example would be the day I spotted a solitary teenage girl in a fairy costume all by herself on the side of the road, crouching under a tree. I still can’t get the picture out of my head. How and why had she stopped right there? It seemed as if she’d simply materialized and yet logically, there had to be more to it.

What can I say, it’s rarely dull inside my head.

More than once I’ve woken myself up laughing out loud at a silly dream. The most recent event was a strange dreamscape thing, of course, but what made the whole thing even funnier was when I ‘heard’ myself (in my dream) composing a Facebook post about it – it was one of the few things I knew I couldn’t condense to 140 twitter characters.

Day in and day out, I just try to embrace my weird imagination and dark humor. That unique combination led to Justice Incarnate after all, and the various regulations, gadgets, and tech advances that populate the entire Shadows of Justice series.

After reading my books a friend once called me a ‘nice girl with a dark psyche’. I guess that’s as good a phrase as any to describe the strange landscape inside my head.

What does it take to set your imagination rushing to fill in the blanks?

Live the adventure,


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