Thursday, November 28, 2013

Author Interview – Dermot Davis @dermotdavis1

What marketing works for you?

Unfortunately I have no idea. I’m still at the throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks stage of marketing. I’m going through a heck of a lot of spaghetti if your next question is “how’s it going, so far?”

Do you find it hard to share your work?

Absolutely. It was a big shock to me to discover that I actually get very terrified when I put out a new work. I think there’s some part of me that is afraid that people will laugh at me or worse, maybe form a posse and one night knock on my door or stage an intervention with a request for help me stop deluding myself into thinking that I’m a writer of any value. Is that the doorbell?

Is your family supportive? Do your friends support you?

Yes and yes. Although I do notice that the more books I put out, the less enthusiasm there is among them compared to the champagne-popping excitement of the first, which is only natural, I guess. I may have to wake them up when book number four gets released.

Do you plan to publish more books?

You couldn’t stop me, at this point. Writing and releasing a new book into the marketplace is about as intoxicating as it gets. At least until the first negative review gets posted and then I sober up and wonder what I’m doing with my life.

How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk?

Writing in bed doesn’t work for me, nor writing in a coffee shop, either, for that matter. I do prefer to write at a desk as I find that it helps me concentrate better. I used always to write in longhand but soon got tired of typing it afterwards, as I seemed to be doing double the work and I honestly hate typing unless I’m composing something in my head. Having said that, there is something about writing in longhand that I noticed is different from typing. The more personal the project is, the more I will gravitate to longhand but if that’s the case I have to write with a fountain pen and absolutely not a ball point pen of any kind. Don’t know why that is.

How much sleep do you need to be your best?

I totally have to get a good eight hours sleep or I find it very hard to write, period. The fresher I am, the more the good ideas come and it’s usually fun. Writing when I’m feeling groggy gets reflected in the writing: it’s dull, unimaginative and sloppy. In that frame of mind I’ll usually read, edit or take a nap. I love taking naps at all times of the day and when I have my office on the studio lot, it will be in the contract that they supply a cozy sofa to nap on. So sue me.

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you?

I’ve had wonderful success with my books so far but certainly not enough to live exclusively on my earnings. Doing so would be success on the level of having all my dreams coming true.

It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign?

Well, I just threw another batch of spaghetti on the wall but nothing has stuck, so far. I’m open to suggestions.

What movie do you love to watch?

As a playwright, I love movies with clever and sparkling dialogue. Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet is a master class in dialogue writing. The Apartment, The Graduate, The African Queen, Treasure of The Sierra Madre, All About Eve, Harold and Maude… it’s a long list. I’ll watch Groundhog Day over and over again

How do you feel about social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Are they a good thing?

Millions of people swear by them but I’m a late bloomer. “Kicking and screaming” is probably how I would describe my exposure to them. Kicking and screaming…

If you could do any job in the world what would you do?

Write, write and, oh, yeah, write.

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