Saturday, November 2, 2013

Author Interview – Marie Maiden

You tell in the book that, your child was born with some health problems.  Where you ever told how your child’s condition occurred?

No, I was never told how it occurred but as I share in the book I didn’t receive prenatal care until I was several months pregnant. Readers can learn more about this when they read the book.

Your book is called “You Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces”, how did you come up with the title for your book?

My book title is “You Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces”.  The title of my book represents my search for inner peace and my desire to find answers to the missing pieces of my life story, so that I could be made whole.

As you explain in your book, there were broken pieces and missing parts from your life.  What were the broken pieces of your life that you wrote about in your book?

The missing pieces of my life were my Father and my Father’s family.  I didn’t know my father and his side of my family and I needed to know them in order to move forward with my life.

The focus of your book centers around your desire to meet your long lost father.  What was it like being a child without a father?

To me, being without my father as a child was like having a constant nagging pain in my chest that would not go away.

You explain in your book that, you searched for your father and the search lasted eighteen years.  Why didn’t you give up? What made you keep searching for your father after 18 years?

I kept searching for my father because I became driven to succeed in accomplishing my goal of being able to tell everyone that I know who my Father is.

You Cannot Find Peace

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