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What Makes the Perfect Book Blog

by: London Casey

I see dozens of blogs a week, if not more. First and foremost, book bloggers are equal to readers in terms of what they do for writers. Their hard work and tiring efforts are quite amazing. But the flip side to that, however, is that the book blog needs to have a purpose and meaning. Anyone can sign up and create a blog. What makes a good book blog is that people want to go that blog AND people trust that blog. Posting about book is one thing… but posting and having the traffic buy the book because of the blog, well that’s a whole other thing.

Social networking is major in this, too. When I go to a book blog the first thing I look for is the social networking icons. If they aren’t visible right away, that’s a strike in my book. Facebook and Twitter are the minimum right now, and that’s important for a book blog to help drive traffic to their site. It’s also another way for them to communicate to the world. Some people don’t read blogs. Some don’t have Facebook. Some don’t have Twitter. But a good blog will have it all to maximize their exposure.

Another important part of a perfect book blog is the look of the blog. How customized is it? What kind of feel do you get? Does it scream what it’s looking for just by looking at it? Also… is it just a basic template? Now, to again go to the flipside, there can be too much stuff on a blog. I’ve had some blogs that take two minutes or more to fully load. That’s a little excessive in my book. Too much flashy stuff on the blog. Too many banners. Too many advertisements. All this plays into it. When I go to a book blog I want to see the current posts. The sidebars can have the information for ads, etc. but there’s no need to have ten different books flashing and changing.

Next, there’s the policies. A perfect book blog will be clear. They will explain exactly what they’re looking for and what they’re willing to do. Everything will be organized and spelled out. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what genre the blog accepts. Or not being able to find the email address… or the email address in a different part of the blog. It’s also nice to see if the blog clearly states what they accept – reviews, interviews, guest posts, all three. It’s important to explain the rating process and what it means, along with where the reviews will be posted.

And finally – communication! A perfect book blog will communicate. They’ll respond in a timely fashion if they’re interested. They will schedule a date and post on that date. There have been a few times where I had to chase a blogger down who forget (again and again) to post something on their site that we had arranged.

Remember though, these bloggers help writers every single day they post. I love them all and thank all the bloggers out there who have helped me!

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